Get real customer insights to market your business with confidence

Real Customer Insights is a "done-for-you" service that brings your customer's voice directly into your business decision making. In just four weeks we will deliver unique insights from your customers that will reap marketing dividends for years to come.

Works for …

  • DTC Brands
  • Ecommerce Merchants
  • SaaS Products
  • Productised services
  • Events & Conferences
  • Service businesses
  • Creative agencies

Listen to your customers and transform your marketing

Imagine how successful your business could be if:

Imagine what this knowledge could do to your sales and marketing. Isn't this the dream?

The bad old days

  • You don't know why customers choose you and not alternatives
  • Copying the competition to deliver "what the customer wants"
  • Posting relentlessly to social media but never sure if it works
  • Always creating new marketing plans but never seeing any different results
  • The only customers you speak to are the ones with complaints

With the customer's voice

  • The whole business knows what customers want from you
  • You know what you're really competing against
  • Your marketing and advertising are tightly focused on customer needs
  • You've ditched made up "personas" and your marketing plan tells you what to say and who to say it to
  • Somebody says in a meeting: "we should find out from our customers" 😍
Andrew Staal from SevenYays speaks about Real Customer Insights

They have a knack of asking the right questions and digging deeper — particularly as the conversation develops, and as a consequence they were able to reveal some really fascinating and useful insights that we'd have never got via one of our standard customer questionnaires.

These insights have been really useful in helping us shape our user journey on site and identifying hidden benefits of our product, that we can now use in our marketing message

Andrew Staal — Seven Yays

What does it take to bring Real Customer Insights to your business?

Our "done for you" service takes the stress out of the customer interview process. We handle everything from recruitment to interview and deliver the final report to your leadership team. We strongly encourage you to share the results with your entire organisation.

Who's this for?

Our service works best for companies offering a product or service as a product. App developers, DTC brands, SaaS companies and agencies selling productised services should all get in touch. We need a list of customer names and email addresses to start the process, so you should already be in business.

Our recent client list includes Treen (innovative Scottish vegan clothing brand), Beyond Tellerrand (Germany's leading event for web and design creatives), Seven Yays (the original advent calendar for birthdays) and Birmingham Museum Trust (they're a museum trust…in Birmingham).

How long does it take?

From receiving our kick-off data to finished report will take four weeks. At the end of this we'll deliver a PDF that you should share with your entire organisation and a short workshop to your leadership team to understand what we've uncovered.

How much does it cost?

Our reports are charged at £2,995 GBP (plus UK VAT where applicable). There are no hidden extras and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your report for any reason we'll refund the entire fee.

Schedule your FREE strategy session

In a free 30 minute video call we'll discuss how your business could be transformed by the voice of your customer.

There's absolutely no obligation to use our service.

We'll discuss …

  • Your marketing problems
  • How our customer insights report can help to shape your marketing and business decisions
  • Specific burning questions you would like the answers to
  • Which customer segments to interview and why
  • Why not listening to your customers will prevent you from achieving the growth you are capable of

From start to finish in 4 weeks!

You can benefit from Real Customer Insights quicker than you think thanks to our proprietary process. Businesses choose Real Customer Insights to speed up their marketing transformation. Instead of spending months identifying, recruiting, interviewing and compiling reports – all the while second guessing yourself – get a full report delivered in just four weeks.


We'll host a kick-off workshop with you and your team to get the lay of the land (following on from our free strategy session). We'll dig into the challenges you're facing, what you already know (or think you know) about your market, and define the questions you're seeking to answer.


You will provide a list of customers for us to contact. This could be all your customers or a defined segment. We'll first ask who would be interested in speaking to us and then ask those interested parties to make a 30 minute online appointment with us to chat.


We'll conduct a set of interviews with real customers. We want to understand their motivations, their pain points, and their aspirations. We'll carefully craft a set of questions that will help to solve the business challenges we identified.


We'll analyse the data and write up our report. It will be delivered as a PDF. We'll also schedule a workshop with your leadership team to discuss the findings and how you can use your real customer insights to grow your business and revenue.

Ready to start listening to your customers and get some Real Customer Insights? To get started book a free strategy session.

Who's behind this?

Real Customer Insights is run by Craig Cooper (left) and Keir Whitaker (right). They met, and bonded, over the Shopify e-commerce platform and have subsequently collaborated on multiple projects since 2015.

With a combined tenure of over 45 years at the cutting edge of web, e-commerce, and small business consulting they've learned a tonne, made some mistakes, and had some pretty big wins.

After realising the power of listening to your customer they've launched their own mission to help businesses make better decisions based on real insights.

Get in touch today and learn how they can help your business.

Craig Cooper – dog man

Craig Cooper

Helping businesses solve marketing and sales problems since 2012.


Keir Whitaker – cat guy

Keir Whitaker

Consultant and coach helping build profitable businesses through customer focused marketing.